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Established 2000

Who is Bamberg Plumbing? We are a family-owned plumbing and excavating business located in northwest Illinois. We’ve been helping customers for more than 20 years with all of their year-round, indoor and outdoor plumbing needs. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded. License #058-147232

Plumbing Services

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Pipe Bursting

We’re proud owners of a revolutionary piece of equipment called The Undertaker!

It’s a trenchless pipe repair and replacement system that allows 2″-6″ pipe replacement with up to three 45° bends in the pipe. It can even upsize from 4″-6″ pipes

Dig a 4′ x 4′ hole instead of ripping up an entire lawn

Save money on landscaping, sidewalk, and driveway repairs

Save time on cleanup

Have safer installations

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Trenchless replacement of underground sewer and water pipes


Sewer camera and locating

Sewer and drain cleaning

Septic systems

Plumbing repairs

IL licensed septic installer

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Specializing in Trenchless Replacement of Underground Sewer and Water Pipes

Pipebursting Schematic E1648668903340

Pipebursting is defined as a trenchless replacement method in which an existing pipe is broken using an internal mechanically applied force applied by a bursting tool. At the same time, a new pipe of the same or larger diameter is pulled in replacing the existing pipe.

Pipe Slitting Schematic E1648669065149

Pipe slitting is a trenchless replacement method in which an existing pipe is broken by splitting the pipe, using an internal mechanically applied force applied by a bursting tool with a pipe splitting head. A new pipe, of the same or larger diameter, is pulled in replacing the existing pipe simultaneously.

Pneumatic Moling Schematic E1648669807516

Pneumatic moling is a trenchless method used to lay pipes. During the moling process, a pneumatically-driven machine known as a mole forces its way through the soil along the desired path of the pipe. Moling avoids the need to dig a trench and can be used to lay water pipes and the heating coils of heat pump systems.

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